MAR 2022

I am proud to be part of this year’s world premiere of “HEIMAT – Sinfonie der Kulturen” – the concert to a series about cultures in Saxony. As a composer, …

FEB 2022

My film music is nominated for the GERMAN DOCUMENTARY MUSIC AWARD 2022 of Dok.fest München. It’s about the score of the documentary „Among us women“ (dir. Sarah Noa Bozenhardt, Daniel Abate …

JAN 2022

My new EP “CHANGE” (cinematic pop//neo-classical ambiant) together with Felix Räuber is OUT NOW on every platform —>

DEZ 2021

New song „Howling with the wolves“ out now on every platform. Authors: Anna-Marlene Bicking & Felix Räuber & Julian Altrock —> Filemon krijgt ‚kleine ballen‘ van anabole stero?den kopen …

NOV 2021

New song „Heart of Gold“ out now. Authors & Singers: Anna-Marlene Bicking & Felix Räuber —> Bodybuilding Supplements, Sports Nutrition, Meal Bags & Gym Wear anastrozole for bodybuilding Israel

OKT 2021

The documentary „Among us women“ (dir: Sarah Noa Bozenhardt), which Anna-Marlene film composed music for, has its world premiere at DokLeipzig Film Festival on 26th of October within the International …

OKT 2021

Release of „Walking the Road alone“, first single of a cinematic-pop duo album with singer songwriter Felix Räuber (Polarkreis 18 front singer and composer).

SEPT 2021

Anna-Marlene was in Le Barp, France and gave 2 concerts for with her trio. Click here to watch a little Snippet of this special live concert:

AUG 2021

OUT NOW Single „He doesn’t want me anymore” Purdue Pharma, Maker of OxyContin, Files for Bankruptcy (Published 2019) injectable steroids on sale covid-19 vaccines have minted at least nine …